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We always appreciate a good candidate with strong research, writing and analytical skills. Our projects involve legislative reforms, policy analysis, data collection and promoting social initiatives. If these are your strengths and you find our work challenging, then do send in your resume with a cover letter to work [at]


We offer internships throughout the year for the duration of two to three months.

Required Qualifications:

For legal internships, applicants must have completed first year of law degree.
For internships in social initiatives projects, relevant education/ experience from the same background is a must.

Want to join us?

If you want to apply for the internship, please download the application form and send the complete form along with your resume to work [at]

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The soul of these projects is in the change it aspires to bring in ordinary lives.
Many more projects are being conceptualized and we welcome your thoughts, comments, ideas to help us reinstate law in things that matter.
With Law Matters, we welcome you to the journey of thoughtful transformation.


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Law Matters

Each aspect of our everyday lives has a legal perspective attached to it. Legal field has extended its horizons, making itself an integral part of all businesses.

Despite the un/popularity and complexity affixed to it, we live in times where knowledge of law is the need of the day. We understand this change and thus, at Law Matters we believe in promoting a healthy legal change leading to a better social tomorrow. know more...