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Content creation
Content creation and management is our forte.

We create bespoke modules, syllabi and entire course works for LL.B., LL.M., diploma courses as well as workbooks.

Our team of experts provides personalized training in research methodology, writing and drafting skills at law schools, to law graduates or a group of interested individuals.

With our experience in the field, we have observed that research skills are often ignored and there is little awareness about the types, methods and effectiveness of research. We insist on good research abilities as it always helps in accurate presentation of case, an article, a brief note etc.

Alternates of law
We offer lectures/ speeches/ inductions on the alternates of law.

We present an arena of work options to law students aspiring for a legal career other than the customary court practice.

Other services We focus on creating awareness on critical issues and elucidating workable solutions. These include:

Policy analysis
We believe that law matters.

And we know that bad, outdated and ineffective law can do much more harm to the society and people at large. Keeping this in mind, we scrutinize policies, study loopholes and propose practical solutions to the law makers. However, this work involves huge monetary expenses and we seek generous assistance from individuals, public/private organizations, institutions, think tanks, research centers and government ministries.

Data Collection
We accumulate data, pro bono or on specific requirement.

The data usually comprises of various legal issues, cases, policies, political concerns, economic norms and social problems. The collected data is used for publication, to create awareness or legal activism.

Filling RTI Applications
Right to Information is a powerful tool.

Though there has been enough awareness on popularizing its usage, we have noticed skepticism amongst people. To fix this reluctance, we assist people wanting to file RTI applications with questions such as ‘what to ask’, ‘whom to ask’, ‘how to frame the right question’ etc. We also help our busy clients who want to take action but are short on time, with filing and follow-up process.

Our Philosophy

Law Matters is a socially committed group and understands the value of giving back to the society. We are guided by the philosophy that given a chance, one can always affect positively the life of oneself and others around. Thus, we undertake various projects that can bring in a big change with a small effort. Some of our projects are:
Plant for a Purpose

Agricultural distress in India is a shameful reality. Huge numbers of families rely on their little yielding farms. This project aims to support the green cause and help families whose survival is based on whatever little it manages to grow on their fields. It invites direct contribution from anyone interested in adopting a farm or taking up sponsorship of a farm, or even contributing through means like providing for seeds, saplings, fertilizers, equipments etc.

Quench the Thirst

We support the ‘clean water for all’ initiative taken by many national and international organizations. And in our little way, we urge water donations or fund donations towards water projects. We work in tie ups with some grass root level programmes that strive to address water scarcity in rural as well as urban India. Next time you think of celebrating birth, birthday, promotion, anniversary, you can think of donating water to those who desperately need it.

Women Oriented Initiatives

We are brainstorming on women oriented initiatives that focus on their empowerment/ knowledge/ safety/ mid-life crisis/ pregnancy or post partum issues. We are looking particularly at research topics on how bearing a baby not only changes a woman’s life emotionally and physically but also affects her career trajectory; how women bear economic brunt in the farce of enjoying (or sacrificing) motherhood. We scrutinize policies that have remained either ineffective or on paper.

Cleanliness for a Rupee

With mission ‘Swach Bharat’, we are convinced that there will be less loitering. However, the loitering can be reduced if there are more bins on the roads, busy streets, near schools and colleges, at bus-stops etc. We urge you to contribute at least a rupee towards this cause. You can contribute directly or undertake ‘A Rupee Each’ fund-raise in your housing society, office, school and help us install more bins around the city.

The soul of these projects is in the change it aspires to bring in ordinary lives.
Many more projects are being conceptualized and we welcome your thoughts, comments, ideas to help us reinstate law in things that matter.
With Law Matters, we welcome you to the journey of thoughtful transformation.


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Law Matters

Each aspect of our everyday lives has a legal perspective attached to it. Legal field has extended its horizons, making itself an integral part of all businesses.

Despite the un/popularity and complexity affixed to it, we live in times where knowledge of law is the need of the day. We understand this change and thus, at Law Matters we believe in promoting a healthy legal change leading to a better social tomorrow. know more...